Systems Thinking 2 – Week 2 – Does note taking affect our interactions with the world?

15 Feb , 2016 Aalto University,Course Diary,Studies,Systems Thinking 2

The second week of the Systems Thinking 2 course at Aalto covered the following four thematic clusters: 4 – Dialogue, engagement, intervention, 5- Ecosystems, collapse, resilience, 6 – Coevolution, turbulence, anticipatory systems and 7 – Living systems, viable systems, metabolism. While I myself have been part of group 6 and thus presenting on coevolution, turbulence […]

Reset 2016

7 Feb , 2016 General

Ok… Now It’s been about five years since I first set up this website and, as you can see, nothing much has happened since… Shame on me! I mainly got it up back in 2011 to host my diploma thesis online (which you can find under CNE and thought I would dump some ideas here […]

A start is made, finally…

3 Mar , 2011 General

So, here I am now. Finally. It’s been a long while of thinking about how to start this whole thing and in the meantime I had a lot of things I wanted to write about, but nothing seemed like the perfect first post. That’s why I now just thought by myself “ok, set it up […]