A start is made, finally…

3 Mar , 2011 General

So, here I am now. Finally. It’s been a long while of thinking about how to start this whole thing and in the meantime I had a lot of things I wanted to write about, but nothing seemed like the perfect first post. That’s why I now just thought by myself “ok, set it up and just see what’s coming”. Otherwise I would probably be thinking about starting this thing another half a year or so without anything happening.

What will this be about? Well, I imagine it as some kind of idea dump. A lot of things I stumble upon in every day life actually make me think quite a lot. Sometimes I’m just annoyed (I’ll try to exclude those things here…), but most of the time I start thinking of how to make those things better and improve them, so I guess I’ll just dump some of those ideas here to come back to them later (or hoping that anyone picks up on them to improve those things ;)).

As I particularly do like researching on the impacts those new opportunities provided by all those nice little digital thingies and gimmicks give, I also intend to share some thoughts on that and hope to get some new inspiration as well as critical feedback.

And yes, I’m plugging myself with this, too as I do like to give seminars and courses a lot. So you might come across some presentations I did/do. If I wouldn’t be a little narcissistic, I would probable not have started this in the first place, but the good thing is: You’ve got the choice – read it or leave it 😉

So all in all it’s just a little experiment. Let’s see where it all ends up.

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